Fox News Considered Best News Channel in New National Poll

Fox News, long the ratings leader amongst cable news nets, is now also considered the BEST news channel, according to a new national poll.

Of 1,180 adults surveyed by Poll Position, 36% chose Fox News as the best news outlet, followed by CNN’s 28% and MSNBC’s 17%. Somewhat predictably, when broken down by party affiliation, 62% of Republicans preferred Fox, while 13% chose CNN and 6% preferred MSNBC. Amongst Democrats, 41% preferred CNN, 31% chose MSNBC and just 10% said Fox News was the best. But most significantly, amongst self-identified Independents, 36% say that Fox News is the best channel, followed by CNN at 31% and MSNBC at just 9%.

Poll Position is a relatively new company founded by long-time CNN executive Eason Jordan. Eason was very highly respected during his 23 year tenure at CNN and I’m sure that this new venture is highly professional in its methodology.

Check out Poll Position for more info on this survey.


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