Welcome: The Power of Broadcast News

The profound impact of TV news in the past 60 years has probably changed society more than anything since Gutenberg invented the printing press in the mid-15th century.

Having been fascinated by the TV news medium since I went on the NBC Studios tour at 30 Rock during my childhood, I have done extensive research on the subject and decided to develop this blog to look at key developments in the industry.  In the course of my research, I’ve examined the careers of many individuals who were key to the development of the industry.

Over the coming days, I’ll publish a number of entries about the leading figures of the broadcast news industry and examine where we are today.  I’ll also look at key historical moments in the development of TV news.

I’m politically neutral, but during the course of my research, I’ve become incredibly fascinated by Roger Ailes, the creator and president of Fox News.  Perhaps no man in TV news has faced such an uphill and improbable climb to success in the past 15 years as Ailes.  Fox News has become, for better or worse, the most talked about and influential network in America.

Let the debate begin!

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